15 The two questions were, however, considerably shorter than

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replica oakleys The prevalence for screening studies for depression in general practice is usually low (8% for major depression); hence the likelihood ratio for a negative test does not need to be low to rule out depression when the test is negative (in this sample a patient with a negative test would have a 0.3% chance of being depressed). Also, when compared with the 41 studies evaluated by the US Preventive Services Task Force, the two questions (verbally asked) had a similar likelihood ratio for a positive test compared with most studies in that review.15 The two questions were, however, considerably shorter than the shortest (seven questions) screening questionnaire.16 They are thus a good compromise between the time required to administer the screen and the likelihood ratio. The additional benefit is that general practitioners are more likely to prescribe drugs to patients in whom they have made the diagnosis.17 replica oakleys.

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