Furthermore, the book offers empirical data on up to date

It usually takes 10 days to print your design with a minimum order of fabric. The printing is environmental friendly. You can see the website and prints available online and contact the sales person for a print of your custom design. Furthermore, the book offers empirical data on up to date research drawn from the expertise of budding and established scholars in the areas under discussion, and demonstrates the rich body of research that is developing in post colonial Africa. Some of the areas covered in this volume include the linguistic products of bilingualism in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and new linguistic and sociocultural borders of Cameroonian Pidgin Creole, which bridge the ideological gap between English and French speaking communities in Cameroon, unofficial language policy and language planning in the country and discourse choices in Cameroonian English. This book is an ideal resource for graduate students and researchers interested in the areas of sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, discourse analysis and World Englishes..

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