The board and state proposed the new deadline «in recognition

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moncler outlet store 31, 2019, to apply for compensation.The compensation amounts depend on when the crimes were committed, board spokeswoman Janice Mackey said. The ceiling was $10,000 in 1974 but rose to $46,000 by 1986. Palmer, spokesman for the state Department of Finance, told the Sacramento Bee newspaper.A tip line created by Sacramento County has received «many calls from previously unknown victims who were victimized during the period,» he said, with the board projecting that 50 direct victims and 12 family members would be paid.The money comes from restitution, penalties and fees paid by offenders.The board and state proposed the new deadline «in recognition of the difficulties that victims may experience in receiving benefits from our program given the delay in the identification and apprehension of the Golden State Killer,» Mackey said.The amount of money victims could receive «depends on the emotional harm and pecuniary losses that are claimed and approved by the board,» Palmer told the newspaper.Since DeAngelo arrest, several police agencies with unsolved killings have focused on him as a possible suspect.But DNA test results this week didn tie him to the 1978 killing of a woman and her 4 year old son in Southern California moncler outlet store.

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