The Super Birki clog is supportive and durable

My Recommendations for Comfortable Footwear for Medical Professionals

canada goose coats Comfy Birks for Nurses Are Still Around!Has anyone ever said to you, «You should get yourself a pair of nursing shoes?» Nurses have a reputation for foot pain due to spending hours on their feet standing on hard surfaces, so «nursing shoes» has become a euphemism for «comfy work shoes.» Well, here they are a small selection of Birkenstock shoes perfect for nurses, medical staff and pretty much any professional who stands day in and day out to the point of foot pain. canada goose coats

By now, it’s well known that Birks offer great arch support. Birkenstock is not the only major brand that does anymore, but I swear it’s been doing it the longest. They’ve been making shoes for health professionals for decades. Such footwear can canada goose outlet uk sale help prevent foot pain canada goose outlet online uk in women and canada goose outlet locations in toronto men standing constantly on their feet on hard, ungiving floors for hours on canada goose outlet us end something I, after my years in customer service, can attest to.

You might know Birkenstocks as «hippie» sandals, but they got their reputation for a reason. They’re supportive and often repairable. They last for years. Nurses with flat arches, plantar fasciitis, a tendency to overpronation, or simply feet that need extra support are target candidates for Birks. The company is famous for their arch support, molded cork footbeds, and gender neutral styles (great for feet that don’t fit the typical last, like narrow footed men and wide footed women). I canada goose coats uk have worn Birkenstocks for canada goose outlet winnipeg over fifteen years and for people like me who are prone to foot pain, they provide essential relief.

Canada Goose online Although I’m neither a nurse nor doctor, I know foot pain! I worked in customer service for many years, in jobs where I had to stand for hours on end on unyielding surfaces. As a full figured woman with wide width feet and plantar fasciitis, I found Birkenstocks to be hands down the most comfortable throughout the day. If you’re a medical professional, my vote for «best shoe» is any of the following selection. Canada Goose online

Birkenstock Sizing is European Sizing for Men and WomenPlease note that the sizes are different and follow European, not American, shoe sizes. They are unisex unless stated otherwise. They come in wide widths (indicated by R for Regular) as well canada goose outlet edmonton as medium widths (indicated by N for Narrow so note that «N» does not actually indicate a shoe for narrow feet).

Here is a Birkenstock Size Chart for picking out the buy canada goose uk right size of nursing shoe in the classic line (the line shown here) as well as a how to fit your Birkenstocks page.

cheap Canada Goose Super Birki Clog for Professionals and Classic Birki ClogThe Birkenstock Super Birki Clog for nurses is canada goose outlet michigan a little unusual because it is NOT CUSHIONY. Cushioning is not always needed, or even recommended, for all types of support. The Super Birki clog is supportive and durable, a great medical shoe for people who stand all canada goose outlet orlando day. It is also relatively inexpensive and have removable insoles you can switch out with your own choice of arch support. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose store If you canada goose outlet in toronto prefer cushiony support, you might canada goose outlet reviews want to explore the SAS brand, which has been doing well cushioned support for nurses for decades. I wore these for some customer service work over twenty years ago. They are blissfully comfortable but they do wear out quickly (in my case, months rather than years). canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka Birkenstock ParisI owned a canada goose outlet toronto factory pair of Birkenstock Paris shoes in black smooth leather for many years. They were divine basically, a neutral heel clog with mighty arch support but that actually have a back, so don’t slip off the foot. It should be noted that though this is a closed heel style, it’s normal for the backs to slip up a bit off your heel when you’re walking. Basically, it’s a clunky looking, but still cute, Mary Jane. Similar canada goose jacket uk to the London style, but more feminine. They were very comfy and the only maintenance I did on them was get heel taps every couple of years or so to recover the worn down corners of the heels. Canada Goose Parka

Annapolis BirkenstockI own the Annapolis shoe in brown suede leather. The footbeds are canada goose outlet shop not removable, but rather contoured and made of cork so they mold to your feet as you wear them. This particular shoe is part of the Footprints collection and uses alternate sizes, so you’d have to go up a size if you’re normally a size 38 in, say, the classic Boston style, you’d be a size 39 in the Annapolis.

The Annapolis has a more modest arch support than the classic shoes. It has a low raised heel and the footbed is not removable. This shoe canada goose discount uk is unlike the classic Birkenstocks in another way it has a slight (I believe 1/2 inch) heel. So the heel is NOT a neutral heel. It is best for people accustomed to a bit of a lift in the heel area. Footprints shoes fit more closely than the Classic line. They are less clunky and more elegant.

Tips for Those New to BirkenstocksIf you’re new to Birkenstocks, you may find the looser fit at the heel a bit funny. The back of the shoe will allow your foot to slide out at the heel, as if it were a clog, even if it’s not canada goose outlet toronto one of the clog styles. This is intentional and part of what makes Birkenstock shoes ergonomic to wear.

canada goose clearance And then there’s arch support. If you’ve never worn shoes with canada goose outlet really good canada goose outlet montreal arch support, you may have to ease into your new Birkenstock shoes showly. Before you bring them to work and wear them all day, wear them just for a few minutes the first day, a few more canada goose outlet belgium minutes the second day, and gradually increase the length of time until the muscles in the bottoms of your feet get accustomed to the arch support. Eventually, if you’re like the many people who are obsessed with Birkenstocks, you may find the Birkenstock arch support to be the most comfortable shoe design ever. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket However, although the fit and arch support might feel funny at first, the shoe should not hurt your foot or feel uncomfortable. Birks are canada goose factory outlet toronto location designed to feel good, not hurt. So if they don’t fit right, canada goose outlet online store review maybe your feet are not a good match for Birkenstocks, canada goose outlet real and you might consider trying a different comfort shoe brand for nurses, like Dansko clogs. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals Why Can Birkenstock Shoes Specifically Help Keep Nurses’ Feet from Hurting?The first tip I have for you is NOT to generalize. Birks don’t work for everyone. YOUR most comfortable shoe will be the one suited to YOUR individual feet. Some canada goose outlet website legit folks like Dansko canada goose outlet 2015 clogs better (they’ve been a staple in the nursing community for decades), or Mephisto, Ecco, or other general comfort brands such as you’d find at The Walking Company stores. canada goose deals

The reasons I favor Birkenstock for nurses and medical professionals include:

canada goose Certain Birkenstock shoe models are canada goose outlet kokemuksia made to accommodate professionals such as chefs and nurses, who must do constant standing but also need discreet colors and styles, sometimes with white soles or electrostatic protection. canada goose

Some have removable footbeds to accommodate the insertion of orthotics.

buy canada goose jacket Though Birkenstock makes lace up shoes in many models, Birkenstock shoes for on their feet professionals are slip on rather than with laces and are very easy to canada goose outlet in usa slip on and off. Even when they are closed back, they fit rather like a clog without a clog’s nosebleed height. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale While not cheap, Birkenstock shoes tend to be durable and well made. My Birks canada goose outlet ontario last me years, even ones I wear all day. canada goose black friday sale

Birkenstock shoes are made to be roomy in the toe box. That gives them a somewhat clunky look, but they’re made that way for a reason comfort. When you’re standing all day, your feet probably tend to swell throughout the day. The right size Birks will never get tight and pinch your toes.

Canada Goose Jackets The classic Birkenstock style has a natural neutral heel. This is NOT the same as a negative heel. A neutral heel mimics the level of the heel when going barefoot and neither stretches nor compresses the achilles tendon behind the ankle. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale Birkenstocks stabilize the foot with a contoured anatomical footbed. The footbed underneath the suede or manmade insole are made with cork, which has many advantages, including: canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale Cork is supportive, while still being somewhat cushiony. This is great for people who are overweight or on their feet all day. Canada Goose sale

Cork molds to the individual foot’s contours over time.

Canada Goose Outlet Nursing Shoes DanskoOK, they’re not Birkenstocks, but the main other comfortable shoe brand I’d recommend for nurses and medical personnel is Dansko. Dansko makes traditional style clogs that have canada goose outlet las vegas the canada goose outlet new york city super thick sole. I have owned Dansko clogs and thought they were great, with one caveat. If you are clumsy like me, don’t go there. I was always afraid I would trip canada goose outlet vip because of the thick sole. But they do seem to have a built in stability somehow, because I never did trip over them. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance sale The clogs and shoes have excellent arch support and a bit of a raised heel though not extreme. They are very durable in my experience canada goose clearance sale.

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