He says he likes to keep it light at lunch but as I discover as

I have met civil servants of all hues during my career, but I am yet to meet one quite like this.How has he survived in the dull, staid world that represents the Indian bureaucracy?Not only did he survive, he thrived no matter which party was at the helm.Anil Swarup, 1981 batch IAS officer, who retired on June 30 as secretary, HRD, passed the litmus test for a true civil servant: Managing to stand on neutral ground.We are meeting at Verandah, at The Imperial in New Delhi, for lunch. We order two soups and a mezze platter that we agree to share.He says he likes to keep it light at lunch but as I discover as the lunch progresses, «light» is putting it mildly. I have to push him to eat even an olive or two.He begins by taking me on a quick roller coaster ride of his career in his state Uttar Pradesh, compared to which stints in Delhi have been a baayen haat ka khel (a breeze).In the 1990s, UP and its stark reality both «devastated» and «shocked» him.

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