To get that consistent feel, one thing that bowlers will use

«If your PC is running slow,» says PC and security expert Robert McMillan, who has written about computer technology since 1996, «uninstall apps that you’re not using. See what’s running in the background and remove it if you don’t need it. Think about uninstalling Java. That’s a major resource hog, and often a big security risk too.» Assess all the unnecessary programs you have running when you turn your computer on.

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Designer Fake Bags Some of the Internet’s most popular social media accounts involve at least a little oversharing. Lauren Bachelis, creator of the Hollywood Assistants Tumblr, a collection of hilarious work related GIFs, sold a sitcom to CBS based on her blog. One need not work in fashion to appreciate the tweets of Aliza Licht, the straight talking Donna Karan publicist known on Twitter as DKNY PR Girl. She recently declared that «There is nothing more painful than spelling an email address over the phone. Nothing.» In a recent TED talk titled «The Power of Being Real,» she explained, «At the end of the day, sharing breeds openness and openness breeds collaboration and partnership.» She has won the Fashion 2.0 Best Twitter award for four years straight Designer Fake Bags.

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