think Wall Street was expecting SXC to acquire Walgreen business

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cheap jordans sale The deal also raised questions about whether CVS would dump its pharmacy benefits management unit.Walgreen PBM cheap air jordan shoes free shipping sale is small, it should fuel the debate on a possible break up at CVS. Walgreen is clearly telling investors that it doesn make sense to Cheap Jordans own a PBM, cheap exclusive jordans said Credit Suisse analyst Edward Kelly.think Wall Street was expecting SXC to acquire Walgreen business, but the reality is Walgreen is not the only asset out there, he said. Are quite a few private players that have some good scale.It is expected to double the volume of prescriptions Catalyst manages to cheap 165 million annually, while membership jumps to 18 million from about 7 million now.Buying Walgreen PBM business will help Catalyst gain an additional 4 percent of the market, said JPMorgan analyst Michael Minchak.The deal, which is expected to close by the end of June, will cheap jordans 11 low not affect or will modestly add to Catalyst 2011 adjusted profit cheap jordans sale.

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