Five drivers and 15 passengers have filed injury claims mostly

17th bus loses wheels

MTA chief on leaveActing head of agency requests indefinite leave as investigation continuesNo injuries in incident FridayTransportation secretary orders 28 buses off streets for replacement of bolts

cheap moncler jackets sale The acting head of the Maryland cheap moncler outlet Transit Administration took an indefinite leave of absence yesterday after a 17th incident in which wheels fell off a transit bus, this time late Friday in downtown Baltimore. cheap moncler jackets sale

cheap moncler outlet Virginia White, the MTA’s acting administrator, has come under fire in recent days for her handling of the wheel problem, which began last August but only became public a week ago. Friday as an eastbound bus on Baltimore Street lost its left rear wheels near the intersection of Eutaw Street. One wheel settled near the bus. The other rolled about 50 feet ahead before toppling over, according to cheap moncler transportation officials. The wheels didn’t strike anything, and the driver and two passengers were not injured. cheap moncler outlet

The wheels on bus 9825 were installed with new bolts on April 22 two days after White began an internal investigation of the problem. But they had not been retrofitted using different equipment and procedures established on May 9 in an attempt to prevent more wheels from coming off, officials said.

cheap moncler coats Transportation Secretary John D. Porcari pulled 28 other buses equipped with the same bolts off the streets yesterday and intensified procedures for inspecting the rest of the 800 bus fleet. cheap moncler coats

moncler factory outlet «No one wants another incident. But it’s reasonable to expect that until moncler sale every bus is modified, there’s always a possibility, however slim, of another incident,» Porcari said. moncler factory outlet

moncler sale outlet As investigators regrouped yesterday morning in response to Friday’s accident, White went to Porcari to request an indefinite leave with pay. «Virginia wants to make sure the focus is on the investigation of the technical issues,» said Porcari. moncler sale outlet

White could not be reached for comment last night.

Porcari’s second in command, Deputy Secretary Beverly Swaim Staley, will head the MTA in White’s absence. Swaim Staley served a similar role, filling in as acting executive director of the Maryland Aviation Administration after the resignation of David L. Blackshear last July.

moncler sale White has been roundly criticized by legislators, transit advocates and others for belatedly launching an investigation of the wheel problem on April 20, after the 10th accident. Five drivers and 15 passengers have filed injury claims mostly for minor muscle pulls and cuts. Some of the runaway 200 pound wheels rolled into cars, buildings and, in one instance, a natural gas tank, which ruptured and leaked. moncler sale

moncler outlet uk An article published last Sunday in The moncler sale outlet Sun detailed how White had excluded the agency’s own safety department from the investigation, halted an independent inspection of bus moncler outlet sale wheels arranged by that department and challenged a safety officer who identified a potential wheel maintenance problem in the Bush Street bus garage, which is run by Frank White, the administrator’s husband. cheap moncler coats She also failed to disclose the scope of the problems to Porcari. moncler outlet uk

After learning of the problems less than two moncler outlet store weeks ago, Porcari formed a team of independent investigators buy moncler jackets from outside the agency to resolve the problem. Last week, he shifted control of the MTA’s internal investigation from White to Eric Christensen, MTA’s deputy administrator in charge of safety, saying that «safety is the imperative.»

moncler jackets outlet The agency as of Friday had retrofitted the wheels on more than 180 buses and had established three checks of each wheel daily. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets In a meeting cheap moncler jackets with his team yesterday, Porcari set further safeguards. cheap moncler jackets

The new steps will require each bus to be inspected at the gate by a supervisor before leaving any of the four MTA bus yards. During each shift, field supervisors will spot check buses on the roads.

moncler outlet store Ralph Moore, a transit advocate with the Citizen Planning and Housing Association, expressed alarm over the latest accident. moncler outlet store

«This is definitely an emergency situation, and we need to treat moncler mens jackets it as such,» he said. While commending the safety steps being taken, Moore said he still felt nervous.

moncler jacket sale «I’ve ridden the buses in the past week, and I worry that moncler outlet something could happen at any time,» he said. «We’ve just been very, very lucky that no one’s been seriously hurt.» moncler jacket sale

moncler outlet Over the cheap moncler sale past year, the agency had begun installing a new, gold colored wheel bolt. And although officials say two independent lab tests revealed no problems with it, a different type is now being installed in monlcer down jackets buses as a precaution. moncler outlet

moncler outlet jackets The 28 buses pulled from the street yesterday were equipped with the gold colored bolts or «studs.» moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet sale Moncler Outlet «There has been a great deal of discussion inside the organization about the gold studs,» said MDOT spokesman Jack Cahalan. «Just because some people have raised questions about them, the decision was made to eliminate them.» moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler The bus in the most recent incident was from the Kirk Avenue garage, which used the majority of the gold studs and has had the most lost wheel accidents. The incidents have involved buses from three of the four MTA bus garages cheap moncler.

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