The Gini coefficient

The Gini coefficient, a well known measure of income inequality and wealth within a population, was controlled for in an attempt to examine the unique impact of the GEM (female inequality), independent of the general level of income inequality within a country. A value of 0 signifies maximal equality, whereas a value of 1 signifies maximal inequality.21 The Gini coefficient was taken from statistical tables in the UNDP’s Human development report 2009.17 It was available for 142 countries. Low, lower middle, upper middle and high).23 In our analyses we used the logarithm of the GNI per capita [ln(GNI per capita)], because GNI per capita data are highly skewed in a positive direction.

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I always enjoyed the anticipation and research before a trip but I never been one to plan lots of details. Similar to our approach to parenting Al and I are both more go with the flow kind of travelers than guide book followers. We go in with a few ideas of what the options are but don book much in advance and just see where the trip takes us.

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