blues Frank was so eager to shake off

Frank Sinatra was always too big for Hoboken. You can hear it in the way he sang «Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today» in «New York, New York» pure, unbridled joy. The sophisticates of New York have always derided Hoboken, the little town at the wrong end of the Holland tunnel whose blues Frank was so eager to shake off.

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But Nike chose to take a photo in which his arms extend just like a crucifixion pose. This, I believe, is done on purpose as the text beneath him suggests so. This text appears in Acts 2:32 : Jesus God raised up again, to which we are all witnesses.

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Santa Barbara’s newest professional modern dance collaborative premieres this winter with Clair Obscur, an evening length program of works by emerging choreographers. Under the direction of Devyn Duex, a cast of seven dancers will present Emily Wheeler’s movement driven contemporary work «Take the Bull by the Horns» and Erin Martinez’s «The Singing Bones,» a dark adaptation of a 16th century murder ballad. Audiences can look forward to original video work, innovative lighting design, and some top notch dancing from area talent.

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Courts will rate defendants to determine security risks and in most cases rely on pretrial release. Supporters of the law it passed the Legislature by wide margins say the change will mean minor offenders can return to work while they await trial, creating a fairer system for many. Under the previous system, offenders were entitled to bail by the constitution and could go free if they had the money, while others would remain behind bars before trial if they couldn come up with the cash..

For his career, Capps claims a strong Walks per 9 innings mark of 1.7. As a Twin, that number inflates to 2.7. His career K/9 innings is 3.97, but in his brief Minnesota stint that clip deflates to 2.29. Standing in a white dress shirt at the Granada Theatre’s Founders Room, hosted by UCSB’s Arts Lectures, Glass said he pungently smelled like car air freshener. He had to take an Uber up from LAX after his plane to Santa Barbara was cancelled. As he sipped a can of Red Bull, he recalled one breakthrough moment that happened in his early twenties, when his editor asked him what would be the first sentence of a two minute segment he had to record a couple hours later.

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